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Communication Services

Business Band Radio (2-Way)
We feature Vertex/Standard and Midland/Maxon communications
equipment. Scholl also maintains a large inventory of quality Larsen communications antennas. We also offer repair service for most major brands of two-way radio communications equipment.

We have Community UHF Repeater Service available with sites in Holyoke, Haxtun, Julesburg, and Lamar, Nebraska. Repeater service starts as low as $40 per month.

Mobile telephone service is also available through Scholl. We provide a
network of SMR (Specialized Mobile Radio) 800mhz telephone sites. These
provide you with local telephone service at very competitive rates.
Sites available are located in the Holyoke and Julesburg areas.
Another advantage of the SMR phone, is that it may

be used for two-way dispatch radio communications along with the telephone
service. Rates start as low as $15.95 per month for unlimited local calling. We also
provide professional installation for any of your mobile communications needs.

We also offer a full line of Personal Pagers and Paging Accessories. We support both
alpha and numeric paging formats. If you are a current Scholl paging user, you may
send a page from our online prompts below. Just point and click to send your page.

Alpha-Numeric Paging Services Online Now!

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