About Us

Our Heritage

Our heritage dates to 1932 when Jake Scholl moved to Holyoke, CO and started the Holyoke Independent Oil Company. Nearly 100 years later, our history includes a Ford auto dealership, farm machinery and parts sales, service and fueling stations and cafes, extensive internet and communications systems, two-way radio business, car washes and a retail office supply store.

Of all our accomplishments, the largest endeavor was our trucking operation. By 1991, it had expanded into a fleet of 25 power units and 40 trailers primarily servicing livestock. We continue to operate a sizable fleet of trucks to this day, providing tank transportation services of fuel delivery and sales for much of Northeastern Colorado and Western Nebraska. This tank transportation includes the transportation of ethanol from many plants located in Colorado and Nebraska to many pipeline and refining facilities within the front range area. Our company also serves the local community with bulk deliveries of fuel and propane for our local area customer’s agricultural and heating needs.

From all these endeavors, our family’s business has emerged into a thriving community stronghold that employs around 40 employees and provides top level service. These accomplishments have allowed members of our team to look towards the future with excitement at what is to come next.

Our Mission

We will contribute to our customer's success and our own prosperity by providing reliable, responsive, and efficient service. While maintaining a high standard of service we will strive to provide a safe and rewarding work environment for all employees. With an eye on opportunity and the flexibility to adapt to the changing environment, Scholl Oil & Transportation Company will continue to build on what has been growing since 1932.